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The birds of Australia are very well known throughout the world for their colour, variety of shape and beautiful or intriguing calls.

Birds Museum in a Box
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There are more than 700 species, which occur naturally in Australia, living in a great variety of ecological habitats.

As science research continues and new discoveries are made, it appears more certain that birds have a much closer link to their dinosaur ancestors than previously thought. It has been suggested that birds are one of the last dinosaurs. Find out more about beaks, feet, eggs and nests with this box.

Box Contents:

  • Rainbow Lorikeets diorama
  • Bird/mammal bone comparison
  • Wings
  • Various bird heads representing beak diversity
  • Cast of bird feet highlighting diversity
  • DVD Australian bird songs
  • Bird books
  • Information panels
  • Teachers notes
  • Birds flip book - matching beaks, food and tools
  • Bird species fact files

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Trichoglossus haematodus
Lorikeet illustration Image: Andrew Howells
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