This information is provided to help you get the most out of your Museum2you display module.

The display modules are to be supervised by staff at all times.

Museum 2 You Potential Risks Control Strategies
Maximum weight of display modules is 70kgs Manual handling issues. The display module is on wheels. Always lock wheel breaks when module is in position. Be aware of sloping floors when moving the modules. Always use two adults if lifting the module.
Lid closure and wheel breaks Closing fingers and hands in the lid or catching fingers and hands in the wheel breaks.  Always close the lid and latch shut after use. Always keep hands clear when locking and unlocking the wheel breaks.
Electrical Cables Tripping, sparks and electrocution. Do not run cables across the floor. Electrical tagging and testing is regularly undertaken by the Australian Museum.
Specimens Some specimens may also become sharp if damaged or broken. Always touch and handle the specimens with care. Report any broken or damaged items on the feedback form provided and remove the item from display.
Choking Hazards Small items may pose a potential choking hazard. Where possible small items are avoided when creating the display modules.  Remove any small items from display if the module isn't supervised.
Activities Some optional activities include field work. Relevant safety procedures must be followed and participants must be supervised at all times.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the display modules or require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Please click here to email us directly.