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Climate change: changing more than just the climate

All the climate change fuss appears to be about a tiny change in temperature. By 2070, if we do nothing at all about climate change, the temperature is only expected to be 3.5°C hotter on average—so what are we so worried about?



Why do a few degrees matter?

Changing the averages also changes the extremes. There will be a lot more days over 35°C. This means more heat waves and fires, more frequent and severe droughts and more intense rainfall causing more floods. A small change in average temperature can mean big changes to the planet.

Changing life on earth

All life, from the smallest bug to the largest tree, is intricately connected and depends on the environment and the climate. Small changes in climate upset this delicate balance and will have consequences for all species, including us.

Changing our lifestyles

Climate change at a basic level will affect our food, health and leisure. Many people could also face war, famine or losing their homes.

Changing the oceans

Oceans play a vital role in slowing climate change by absorbing heat and greenhouse gases. But these gases are making the oceans warmer and more acidic. This is taking its toll and affecting life in the oceans.

Changing sea levels

Sea levels are slowly rising because higher temperatures are melting glaciers and ice sheets and causing oceans to expand. This can impact coastal regions, their ecosystems and the people who live there.