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The Dinosaur incursion is available to schools, childcare centres and vacation care centres across Sydney.

Australian dinosaurs are known mostly from fragmentary fossils. These fossils show that Australia had a unique and diverse range of dinosaurs. Most Australian dinosaurs come from the eastern half of Australia (Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria) although isolated dinosaur bones have been found in Western Australia and South Australia.

Dinosaurs Incursion

Specimens ready for a dinosaur incursion

Image: Karen Player
© Australian Museum

New discoveries of relatively complete dinosaurs from Queensland are now putting Australia on the global dinosaur map and opening up a ‘new frontier’ for dinosaur research. Step inside the shoes of a palaeontologist to use fossil material to look at Australian Dinosaurs. Look at fossils to learn about life in ancient Australia.

Incursions can be packaged with Museum in a Box or a Video Conference to enrich student learning.