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Although she has been a high-school music teacher for 31 years, Marion has had a lifelong interest in tadpoles and their identification to species level. Prior to her retirement from teaching in 2001, she published 11 papers in scientific journals and one book, Tadpoles of SE Australia: a guide with keys. 

After retiring, Marion started work on her major study, documenting which tadpole belongs to which frog across Australia. This work, Tadpoles and Frogs of Australia, was successfully submitted for a PhD at Newcastle University in 2012 and subsequently published by New Holland Publishers.

Marion has also published an additional 15 scientific papers on amphibian breeding biology and taxonomy and a book for children, Frogs and Tadpoles of Australia, also published by New Holland in 2007. She currently continues writing scientific papers with colleagues, and has written another small handbook for general readers on Australian frogs (in press) commissioned by New Holland.

Marion has received three research grants from Australian Biological Resources Study (Environment Australia) – one in 1999, and another in 2006-07, and one from WWF in 2003. In 2003, she was one of three finalists in the Eureka Science Awards (Botanical Gardens Biodiversity award). In 2003 and 2014, she was awarded the Whitley Silver Medal for the best Australian publication in Zoology for Tadpoles of SE Australia and Tadpoles and Frogs of Australia respectively.

Marion is currently collaborating with the Australian Museum on Australian frog systematics and taxonomy and tadpole morphology.