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Exporting biological specimens from Australia is not a simple process.

To export biological specimens from Australia, researchers need an export permit from the Environment section of the Australian Government and an export declaration number from Australian Customs. 

Application forms for both single-use permits and multiple-consignment permits can be found with the link above. Another form (Supplementary Form A - Non-Commercial - Research) must accompany the application form. Use the search function within that site to locate Supplementary Form A. 

You will need to have all relevant collecting permits in hand before applying for an export permit because they must be submitted with the application.

You may also need an import permit from your home country. 

After you receive the export permit, you need to get an Export Declaration Number from Australian Customs. This requires completing Form B957. To obtain an EDN, you must be registered as a client in the Integrated Cargo System. That involves completing Form B319 and providing 100 points of identification. This is not a quick process. Both forms are available from Australian Customs. For help, call Customs Information Support Centre 1300 363 263.

The Export Declaration form B957 requires a commodity classification code (AHECC). This 8-digit code can be found through the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Search the ABS site for AHECC, choose the Downloads tab at the top of the AHECC page, then trawl through the spreadsheets to find the relevant classification. For example, the code for dead marine invertebrates other than those used for human consumption is 05119100.

For more information about export permits, contact:

Wildlife Trade Assessment
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
GPO Box 787
Phone: +61 2 6274-1900
Fax: +61 2 6274-1921
Email: wta@environment.gov.au