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The family contains the butterfly bream, coral bream and threadfin breams.

Nemipterus theodorei Theodore's Threadfin Bream
Pentapodus sp. Blue Whiptail
Pentapodus emeryii  Purple Threadfin Bream
Pentapodus paradiseus  Paradise Threadfin Bream 
Pentapodus vitta Western Butterfish
Scolopsis affinis Bridled Monocle Bream
Scolopsis bilineata Two-line Monocle Bream
Scolopsis ciliata Saw-jawed Monocle Bream
Scolopsis lineatus Lined Monocle Bream
Scolopsis margaritifera  Pearly Monocle-bream
Scolopsis monogramma Rainbow Monocle-bream