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In his recent paper, Jeff Leis provides more information about the life of larval fishes.


The following points list a number of the interesting findings given in the paper.

  • Larval fishes swim in the oceans at speeds similar to the currents found in many locations and at 3 to 15 body lengths per second.
  • Species from cold environments swim more slowly than those from warm environments.
  • Larval fishes are efficient swimmers.
  • Most species have oriented swimming in the ocean.
  • The vertical distribution of larval fish species changes with growth.
  • Sensory abilities (hearing, olfaction and vision) form early.
  • Behaviour must be taken into account when considering dispersal.
  • More research in the field is required, especially for colder water species.

Leis, J.M, 2010. Ontogeny of behaviour in larvae of marine demersal fishes. Ichthyological Research. 57: 325–342.