Labridae - Wrasses

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Eastern Blue Groper at Kurnell

Eastern Blue Groper at Kurnell
Photographer: Tim Hochgrebe © Tim Hochgrebe

The family now includes fishes previously classified in the family Odacidae, which is now regarded as a subfamily, the Odacinae.

Achoerodus gouldii Western Blue Groper
Achoerodus viridis Eastern Blue Groper
Anampses caeruleopunctatus Diamond Wrasse
Anampses elegans Elegant Wrasse
Anampses femininus Bluetail Wrasse
Anampses melanurus Blacktail Wrasse
Austrolabrus maculatus Black-spotted Wrasse
Bodianus anthioides Lyretail Pigfish
Bodianus axillaris Axilspot Hogfish
Bodianus bilunulatus Saddleback Pigfish
Bodianus dictynna none
Bodianus flavifrons Masked Pigfish
Bodianus flavipinnis Yellowfin Pigfish
Bodianus frenchii Foxfish
Bodianus izuensis Striped Pigfish
Bodianus loxozonus Blackfin Hogfish
Bodianus mesothorax Eclipse Pigfish
Bodianus perditio Goldspot Pigfish
Bodianus unimaculatus Pigfish
Cheilinus chlorourus Floral Maori Wrasse
Cheilinus fasciatus Redbreast Maori Wrasse
Cheilinus trilobatus Tripletail Maori Wrasse
Cheilinus undulatus Humphead Maori Wrasse
Cheilio inermis Cigar Wrasse
Choerodon fasciatus Harlequin Tuskfish
Choerodon graphicus Graphic Tuskfish
Choerodon schoenleinii Blackspot Tuskfish
Choerodon venustus Venus Tuskfish
Cirrhilabrus punctatus Finespot Wrasse
Coris auricularis Western King Wrasse
Coris batuensis Variegated Wrasse
Coris bulbifrons Doubleheader
Coris caudimacula Spot-tail Wrasse
Coris dorsomacula Pinklined Wrasse
Coris gaimard Clown Wrasse
Coris picta Comb Wrasse
Coris pictoides Pixy Wrasse
Coris sandeyeri Eastern King Wrasse
Dotalabrus aurantiacus Pretty Polly
Epibulus insidiator Slingjaw Wrasse
Eupetrichthys angustipes Snakeskin Wrasse
Gomphosus varius Birdnose Wrasse
Halichoeres biocellatus False-eyed Wrasse
Halichoeres chloropterus Pastel-green Wrasse
Halichoeres hartzfeldii Orangeline Wrasse
Halichoeres hortulanus Checkerboard Wrasse
Halichoeres margaritaceus Pearly Wrasse
Halichoeres melanurus Hoeven's Wrasse
Halichoeres nebulosus Cloud Wrasse
Halichoeres prosopeion Twotone Wrasse
Halichoeres trimaculatus Threespot Wrasse
Hemigymnus fasciatus Fiveband Wrasse
Hemigymnus melapterus Thicklip Wrasse
Heteroscarus acroptilus Rainbow Cale
Hologymnosus doliatus Pastel Slender Wrasse
Iniistius pavo Blue Razorfish
Labrichthys unilineatus Oneline Wrasse
Labroides bicolor Bicolor Cleanerfish
Labroides dimidiatus Common Cleanerfish
Macropharyngodon choati Choat's Wrasse
Macropharyngodon meleagris Leopard Wrasse
Notolabrus fucicola Purple Wrasse
Notolabrus gymnogenis Crimsonband Wrasse
Notolabrus inscriptus Inscribed Wrasse
Notolabrus parilus Brownspotted Wrasse
Notolabrus tetricus Bluethroat Wrasse
Novaculoides macrolepidotus Seagrass Wrasse
Ophthalmolepis lineolatus  Southern Maori Wrasse
Oxycheilinus bimaculatus Little Maori Wrasse
Oxycheilinus digrammus  Violetline Maori Wrasse
Oxycheilinus nigromarginatus Blackmargin Maori Wrasse
Pictilabrus laticlavius  Senator Wrasse 
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia Sixline Wrasse
Pseudolabrus guentheri Günther's Wrasse
Pseudolabrus luculentus Luculent Wrasse
Pteragogus cryptus Cryptic Wrasse
Pteragogus enneacanthus Cockerel Wrasse
Pteragogus flagellifer Cocktail Wrasse
Stethojulis bandanensis  Redspot Wrasse
Stethojulis interrupta  Brokenline Wrasse
Stethojulis strigiventer  Silverstreak Wrasse
Suezichthys arquatus  Painted Rainbow Wrasse
Suezichthys gracilis  Slender Rainbow Wrasse 
Thalassoma amblycephalum  Bluehead Wrasse 
Thalassoma hardwicke Sixbar Wrasse 
Thalassoma lunare Moon Wrasse 
Thalassoma lutescens  Green Moon Wrasse 
Thalassoma purpureum  Surge Wrasse

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