Touring exhibition: Kermadec Islands Expedition

 An expedition to one of the most volcanically active regions on earth.


Kermadec - Eastern King Wrasse

Kermadec - Eastern King Wrasse
Photographer: Malcolm Francis © Malcolm Francis

In May 2011, Australian Museum marine scientists Mark McGrouther, Stephen Keable and Mandy Reid joined scientists from New Zealand on an expedition to the remote, volcanic Kermadec Islands to investigate the biodiversity of this marine reserve.

These images presented on canvas form part of a small time capsule to help understand how to manage and conserve the biodiversity of this magnificent region. Adorn your venue with these enchanting images.

In a world increasingly affected by climate change, sea level rise and ocean acidification, it is important that we get to know as much about marine areas as possible. Our expedition increased the known fish fauna of the islands by over 10%. We are still studying the invertebrate specimens but expect to find a significant number of new species.
These images form part of a small time capsule we gathered to help us understand how to manage and conserve the biodiversity of this magnificent region.

• View the official trip blog on the Auckland Museum website.

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Louise Teteris

Project Coordinator – Touring Exhibitions  

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Louise Teteris , Project Coordinator – Touring Exhibitions
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