What is Museum2you?

An environmental education program for communities across NSW on the issues of sustainability, climate change and biodiversity.

Museum2you at the Coal Loader 2

Museum2you at the Coal Loader 2
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

Reaching out to communities across NSW

Councils, libraries, regional museums, community groups and organisations across NSW can host a Museum2you mini exhibition to make teaching and learning about important environmental issues empowering and engaging. The Museum2you display and resource module contains useful information on environmental issues as well as practical ideas and activities to help individuals and groups facilitate change in their communities.

What you get

Each Museum2you exhibit box contains:

  • information panels
  • display support material
  • specimens and objects
  • practical activities
  • education resource packs

Just a click away

Experts at your fingertips

Museum2you includes access to online discussions and video conferencing links with Australian Museum experts where communities can ask questions, gather information and participate in professional development or practical workshops.

The Museum2you website is also a great place to find useful information on sustainability, climate change and biodiversity.

Twitter and Blogs

Connect with us and join our social network. Follow Museum2you on Twitter and get updates, links, and tips about environmental topics. Check out our blogs and take part in lively discussions on issues surrounding climate change, sustainability and biodiversity or share your thoughts and feedback about Museum2you.

Isabelle Kingsley , Education Project Officer - Museum2you
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