Interactive: Virtual Skull - Homo habilis


A cast of a 1.9-million-year-old Homo habilis skull (KNM-ER 1813) discovered in1973 by Kamoya Kimeu in Koobi Fora, East Turkana, Kenya. This adult skull has a brain size of only 510 cubic centimetres, which is only just above the average for species placed in the Australopithecus genus.

Virtual Skulls

Click on the view interactive link above to launch the quicktime interactive. You will need to download the free Quicktime plugin to view these virtual skulls.


  • when your cursor changes to a hand you can drag your mouse in either direction to rotate the skull
  • when your cursor is either on the left or the right side of the popup window, it will change to a thin arrow, hold your mouse down to rotate the skull in either direction
  • click on the icon to view a static bottom view of the skull, click again on the icon to return to the front view which you can rotate
  • a ruler will show at the top of the window when the skull is either to the front or facing to the left
  • hold your Shift key down to zoom in
  • hold your Control/Command key down to zoom out



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