Integrating Measures of Phylogenetic Diversity and Endemism

Phylogenetic measures provide important information regarding the evolutionary history and heritage value of an area.


The spatial database underpinning the Australian Natural Heritage Assessment Tool (ANHAT) represents an important source of information (see ), for the conservation of Australia’s unique biota. Species location data within ANHAT is predominantly sourced and updated from State and Territory Governments, Museums, Herbaria, and CSIRO. By analysing the distributions of numerous species together, ANHAT seeks to give a coherent picture of the spatial patterns in Australia’s biodiversity and biogeography, invaluable information for scientists and decision-makers.

We are developing a phylogenetic framework through our workshop, "Integrating measures of phylogenetic and taxonomic diversity and endemism into national conservation assessment", at the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS),

Dr Dan Faith , Senior Principal Research Scientist email:danfaith8[at]
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