Indigenous Youth and Museums

A study of Indigenous youth and museums

The Indigenous Youth Access Project was to increase Indigenous youth access to museums by identifying the political and social issues affecting Indigenous youth. With this knowledge museums could respond to these issues and fill an identified gap by finding a voice for Indigenous youth, particularly in the area of arts and culture. The pilot study took place from August, 2001 to January, 2002 and was assisted by the Australia Council, the Commonwealth Government's arts funding and advisory body, through its Audience and Market Development Division, with in-kind support provided by the Australian Museum, Sydney.

The pilot study included a literature review, extensive consultations across museums and industry, as well as focus groups and depth interviews with Indigenous youth. Recommendations were made for strategies that will facilitate access by and engagement of Indigenous youth with museums in ways that meet their identified needs.

The report includes an extensive literature review; research findings and implications; a glossary of terms as well as a comprehensive list of readings and online resources. From this a database of key organisations has been developed. Two overall recommendations about how to move forward using a variety of institutions and new ways of working. As well, a detailed list of recommendations were made suggesting programs and services tat could be implemented to assist in meeting the needs of this audience group.

Lynda Kelly
Allison Bartlett
Phil Gordon
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