Image Gallery: Indigenous objects from Peak Hill

The Australian Museum has a collection of eight miniature weapons, two boomerangs and a carved tree from the Peak Hill District, New South Wales.

From the 20th century, there was an increased demand for Aboriginal products. This led to an increase in artefacts made for sale to tourists. Common objects include household utensils, weapons (boomerangs, spears, woomeras, clubs and shields) and carved figurines. The miniature weapons, carved by a local Aboriginal boy, demonstrate the interest in Indigenous objects for the tourist trade.

The full size boomerangs are returning boomerangs, characterised by their curved appearance, with two straight arms joining at a sharp-angled curve. Returning boomerangs were mainly used for sport and hunting. Great care was taken in the making of boomerangs, which were carved, smoothed, polished or decorated from a single piece of carefully selected wood.