Image: Yellowfin Tuna in Sydney Harbour

Yellowfin Tuna in Sydney Harbour

A Yellowfin Tuna swimming in Middle Harbour (northern arm of Sydney Harbour), 1 April 2013.

Chad Loxsom
© Chad Loxsom


Despite the photograph being taken on April Fools' Day, I was given assurances that the sighting is authentic. (MM)

Chad said: "Yesterday walking back from a hike to Clontarf along the path at the Spit Reserve I was looking into the bay along the concrete wall and saw a large Yellow Fin Tuna cruising along (very unusual to see in Middle Harbour). I photographed it but the glare from the water made it hard to see until I enlarged the photo on my computer this morning. I estimate the size of this fish at approximately 70 lb."

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