Image: Yellow-wing Flyingfish, Cypselurus poeciliopterus

Yellow-wing Flyingfish, Cypselurus poeciliopterus

A Yellow-wing Flyingfish in the Western Pacific, March 2009.

Geoff Jones
© Geoff Jones


Geoff took a number of flying fish photos over 2 days. He commented that he was amazed at how many different species there were and the size range from as small as your little finger to 450 mm long.

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Mark McGrouther - 4.06 PM, 20 June 2011

Hi Amanda.  I love your work.  The John Dory sculpture is amazing.  Unfortunately I don't have any additional images however I will send an email to Geoff Jones, the photographer, and suggest that he contacts you. - 2.06 PM, 20 June 2011
Iam creating a school of flying fish from copper for an exhibition in Townsville called strand Ephemera. I was wondering if there were any more photos of the yellow winged flying that I could access for research for this artwork. To see the style of work I do

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