Image: Women dressed for mourning dance,Onjob, PNG

Women dressed for mourning dance,Onjob, PNG

"These three photos illustrate a most unique custom…which is practised by the women of the Onjob Tribe. Upon the death of a Chief, they don the men's war plumes and perform a ceremonial dance after the funeral is over. This is the only tribe known in Papua whose women ever wear the men's fighting regalia.", handwritten caption by Percy Money (the third photo referred to in this caption is on page 29 of this album). Page 28 of Percy Money photograph album1, AMS328/1/28

Percy J Money
© Courtesy of the Australian Museum


This image is from an album of photographs taken by Percy Money during his residence in Wanigela, Collingwood Bay in the early 1900's, which includes Money's handwritten captions and decorations. AMS328/1



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