Image: Widows in Mourning, Uiaku, Collingwood Bay, PNG

Widows in Mourning, Uiaku, Collingwood Bay, PNG

"Two Widows, Uiaku. When a Maisin man dies his wife, or wives have to observe very strict rules of mourning, and for several months they must not allow themselves to be seen in the village. They remain in the house and make their mourning caps, armlets, jackets, earrings and necklaces. After this term they go into half mourning, as is illustrated by this photograph of the widows (some of them) of Beremu, late Chief of the Maisin. Investigation:The natives use coconut oil to dress their hair, and it keeps their heads clean, but during mourning oil must not be used, so - see above"; handwritten captions by Percy Money. Page 25 of Percy Money photograph album 1, AMS328/1/25

Percy J Money
© Courtesy of the Australian Museum


This image is from an album of photographs taken by Percy Money during his residence in Wanigela, Collingwood Bay in the early 1900's, which includes Money's handwritten captions and decorations. AMS328/1



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