Image: Western Blobfish, Psychrolutes occidentalis

Western Blobfish, Psychrolutes occidentalis

A psychrolutid fish, most likely a Western Blobfish, Psychrolutes occidentalis, photographed by an ROV, at a depth of approximately 1220 m, 70 km off Barrow Island, North West Shelf, Western Australia.



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Thank you to Dr Joseph Nelson for identifying the fish.

The species was described by Dr Ron Fricke in 1990. When asked for comments about this page, Ron replied: " Interesting photograph. This represents a new depth record (the species was originally described from 350-740 m depth). But I agree with the identification as Psychrolutes occidentalis Fricke, 1990. Very nice photographic quality for an ROV picture, but the Psychrolutes wouldn't move much anyway; they are supposed to be sluggish and slow moving, as they have soft, mostly catilaginous, decalcified bones."

The fish looks similar to the Smooth-head Blobfish, Psycholutes marcidus, which occurs off eastern Australia.  The famous Mr Blobby, Psychrolutes sp., may in fact be a Smooth-head Blobfish.

Fricke, R. 1990. A new species of psychrolutid fish from Western Australia. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology. 36(4): 404-409.

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