Image: Two juvenile Dusky Whalers

Two juvenile Dusky Whalers

Two juvenile Dusky Whalers at a depth of 2m to 3m, Shelly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, 2 May 2009.

Rob Harcourt
© Rob Harcourt

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Mark McGrouther - 11.04 AM, 19 April 2011

Hi philsum.  Thanks for letting me know that the juvenile Duskies were there on the 18th.   I have had a number of emails about them.  I think they are becoming quite an attraction.  "The BFG" ... I like that.

philsum - 10.04 AM, 19 April 2011
Did two dives from Shelley Beach yesterday with a group from Manly Dive Centre - visibility pretty good - weather perfect. great dives, saw at least five if not more Dusky Whaler Sharks - fantastic experience - no fear from them or us. Was astounded by the BFG - Big Friendly Groper that swam right up to me. Great time, will surely dive here again.
Mark McGrouther - 8.03 AM, 04 March 2011

Hi Devon,  Great to hear that the Dusky Whalers are back.  Thank you for letting us know.  I know quite a few people who regularly swim in the area, and like you, they enjoy spotting the sharks.  It only goes to prove that not all sharks are 'Jaws'!

Devon - 4.03 PM, 03 March 2011
Just had a swim from Manly Beach to Shelley Beach. There must have been at least 20 juvenile dusky whalers (2 - 3 ft in length) off Manly point and around towards Cabbage Tree Bay. Good to see them back again.

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