Image: Tragic!


A White Shark at a depth of about 20 m, North Neptune Island, South Australia, 18 September 2010. The gills of the fish are being constricted by a plastic packing strap that may have been discarded at sea.  The top image to the right shows another view of the shark.

Andrew Fox
© Andrew Fox

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Mark McGrouther - 10.03 PM, 10 March 2011

I'm with you Lynda.  This image is pretty hard viewing.  The sooner we come to realise that our individual decisions can make a difference, the better.  I am grateful to Andrew Fox and Rachel Robbins for allowing this image to appear on the Australian Museum website.  I really hope it stimulates discussion.

Lynda Kelly - 2.03 PM, 10 March 2011

This is really sad :-(

I loath plastic bags and can't wait till they are phased out for good!

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