Image: Top view Homo sapiens skull

Top view Homo sapiens skull

This top vew of a modern human skull shows how, unlike other species of Homo, modern humans have a skull that is broadest at the top. The fuller braincase also results in almost no post-orbital constriction or narrowing behind the eye sockets.

This skull also shows that the skull is made of many bones that tightly join along lines called sutures. The sutures begin to fuse from about the age of 17 and some fuse more quickly than others. In very old age, all the sutures are completely hidden by bone tissue. The basilar suture on the base of the skull is particularly useful when aging an individual. It closes between 18-24 years of age.

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Thse are wonderful images. Good job! Can I sugest that on the right hand side of nav you add the Human Evolution section as a related asset?

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