Image: Threespine Frogfish, Batrachomoeus trispinosus

Threespine Frogfish, Batrachomoeus trispinosus

A Threespine Frogfish caught in a crab trap at a depth of 3 m, near Yorkey's Knob, Cairns, Queensland, 5 August 2013. The fish used its pectoral fins to 'crawl' around on the deck before being returned to the water.

Chris Blanch
© Chris Blanch


Thank you to Julian Pepperell (Pepperell Research & Consulting) for sending the photographs and to Jeff Johnson (Queensland Museum) for identifying the fish. Jeff said "The fish is most likely the Threespine Frogfish, Batrachomoeus trispinosus. We have a lot of those sent in for id from NQ. The only other one commonly taken around Cairns is the Banded Frogfish, Halophryne diemensis, but the images are not as good a match for that species.

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