Image: The 'State of the Giraffe', 1829

The 'State of the Giraffe', 1829

'The State of the Giraffe', 1829, a caricature print by William Heath of George IV attempting to lift his pet giraffe with pulleys with the help of his mistress. Private Collection.

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"The stuffer to the Zoological Society, Mr Gould, has had the performing of his duty...Soon after the giraffe expired, De Ville, the modellist, was ordered down to Windsor, by His Majesty, and took a cast of the animal.
From this cast a wooden form was manufactured, on which the skin of the animal is now placed, and which preserves its beauty in an extraordinary degree. The preparation has a very fine appearance, and stands upwards of 11 feet hight, from the top of the head to the bottom of the hoof."

The Times, April 15, 1830

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Lambourne, Maureen, John Gould: Birdman, 1987. Received permission from Maureen Lambourne to use this for the web. Cannot be used anywhere else. From the Lambourne Collection.

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