Image: The Den, Uiaku, Oro Province PNG

The Den, Uiaku, Oro Province PNG

"The Den, Uiaku.This house was built of rough materials lashed together with strips of bark. The Den was lined with slats of Sago palm stalks. The frieze was of strips of Tappa with design stencilled on in dye which was made from Mangrove bark as per native recipe. The native is a boy called Sem from Wanigera who was assisting in translation work at the time." Handwritten caption by Percy Money. Page 7 of Percy Money Photograph Album 1,  AMS328/1/7.

Percy J Money
© Courtesy of the Australian Museum


This image is from an album of photographs taken by Percy Money during his residence in Wanigela, Collingwood Bay in the early 1900's, which includes Money's handwritten captions and decorations.


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