Image: The Budget Arch

The Budget Arch

The Budget Arch with Alexander Morrison in the foreground

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For the visit of the State Governor Sir Harry Rawson on 27 April 1904, a ceremonial arch was erected in the main street of Singleton. The arch decoratively displayed artefacts from Morrison’s collection and was the focal point for the processional route of the Governor. 


  • Mulvaney, Richard. 1983. Bachlor of Letters Thesis From Curio to Curation: The Morrison collection of Aboriginal wooden Artefacts. Australian National University: Canberra. Australian Capital Territory.

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dpayne - 3.10 PM, 28 October 2010
Interesting image with what appears to be two canoes at the top on either side, the left hand one looks like it could be the one noted as 78218 in the canoe images of Morrison collection. The right hand one appears to be another of the Murray Darling system type.

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