Image: The Brain - Robert Dupear

The Brain - Robert Dupear

This strange, unusual and very threatening looking Jelly fish was ‘snapped’ by myself from the small dingy I use to access my house on Sydney’s PITTWATER. Apart from the incredible detail revealed through the red vein structures what truly amazed me was the size and scale of this creature. At the time I estimated the head to be at least 60cm in diameter, with the long whip like tentacles trailing many metres behind the body. Highly active and seemingly aggressive, “The Brain” pulsed and writhed through the water on a mission that must have been related to satisfying it’s insatiable appetite. Immediately being reminded of a science fiction monster from a B grade flick, I rushed home, grabbed the camera, and ventured back into the water. After taking a number of photographs using a small digital camera, “The Brain” eventually rolled over revealing an even more grotesque profile. (These pictures will remain locked in the vault until the general public becomes more accepting and is better able to deal with explicit images resembling a shotgun victim.) That being said, I continue to scour the depths of PITTWATER hunting for other characters in this macabre screenplay.

Robert Dupear
© Robert Dupear

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