Image: The Ants Pants - Elizabeth Sakker

The Ants Pants - Elizabeth Sakker

Whilst walking with camels on an ecological expedition in the Simpson Desert National Park, I saw some ants emerging from their nest in a large red sand-dune. I was instantly attracted to them because of their gold and black striped abdomens. Since they were so unusual, I immediately photographed them.

Elizabeth Sakker
© Elizabeth Sakker

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Nomzy - 2.04 PM, 22 April 2011
Hey, I live in San Antonio, Texas and I found two ants that look just like the ones in your picture in my room. Both about the same size only one had wings but, they both got stuck swimming around in my cup of apple juice. I don't know how they got in but I'm thinking from the air vent. I've had a few fire ants drop in from there as well. Have you found anything else about them? I've been looking on the net for more about them and you seem to have the only picture of them I've seen so far.

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