Image: Torresitrachia wallacei

Torresitrachia wallacei

This species of land snail has a similarly restricted range as its closest relative, Torresitrachia darwini, and occurs in an area not larger than 4.9 km2. Field observations have shown that when the woodland surrounding the limestone outcrops is intact, the densities of all four species of land snails can be high (in the order of dozens of animals per square metre). However, the replacement of the native forest by introduced annual grasses and reduction/elimination of the tree canopy can reduce their densities dramatically. Therefore, although just discovered, the four species are considered as endangered. This snail is named in honour of Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913) for proposing a theory of natural selection independently of Darwin. (You can see the other Torresitrachia land snails in the image gallery).

Willan, Köhler, Kessner & Braby, 2009
Martin Pueschel
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