Image: Squid – Jervis Bay NSW - Neil Vincent

Squid – Jervis Bay NSW - Neil Vincent

I was on board a charter boat in Jervis bay, we had been diving all day and now the boat was moored for the night off Green Patch. I was tossing up whether to night dive or call it a day and relax with a beer. A large flood light lit up the water behind the boat and as I looked over the railing I noticed Squid hunting behind the boat, lots of squid. The decision was quickly made and I was in the water, it was like a battle out of Star Wars as these sped from out of the dark void, and attacked the small fish retreated as quick to their dark hiding place. Trying to focus on the moving squid was impossible, so I pre-focussed and waited for the hesitation after a failed attack before they sped off. After lots of film later

Neil Vincent
© Neil Vincent

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