Image: Southern Barrred frog

Southern Barrred frog

Southern Barred frog, Mixophyes balbus.

James Tedder
© James Tedder
Stuarts Point, Mid-north coast, NSW
Date taken:
1 January 2011


This large and well built species of frog, with strong hind limbs, is restricted to rainforest and very wet forest.
Distribution occurs in the extreme east of Victoria with its range extending through New South Wales following the east coast to Southern Queensland. Adults are most often found in association with wet gullies and streams in rainforest and wet forest. Eggs are spawned in streams or in rock pools and backwaters. Tadpoles are strong swimmers and inhabitants of streams and fast flowing water.

Common names: Stuttering Frog; Southern Barred Frog
The status of this frog by the International Union for Conservation of Nature is Vulnerable. With this in mind you should advise your local national Parks officers of the confirmed sightings.



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