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South Wing

The South Wing of the Australian Museum can be seen rising above the new extension along William Street c.1960. Image from the Australian Museum Archives.

Howard Hughes
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1896-1899: W.L. Vernon South Wings

In 1896 the first stage of the south wing was commenced to the plan of Walter Vernon, Government Architect. A separate two storey spirit store was built in the rear courtyard over 1896-1897. (A third storey was added in 1927, and it was renovated in 1974 as the Education Centre.)

The superstructure of the eastern end of the new South Wing got underway in August 1899, completed by April 1901. It was linked to Barnet Wing in 1908, completed by June 1909, and together with the Lecture Hall, officially opened on 11 April 1910. Vernon's halls had 'interiors [that] were fine examples of their period, with tiled floors, distinguished staircases, very tall, slender cast-iron columns which did not interrupt the space unduly, and carefully detailed pressed metal ceilings'. [Proudfoot p28]

In 1912, Barnet's Corinthian columns were removed.

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