Image: Smooth Goosefish, Lophiodes mutilus

Smooth Goosefish, Lophiodes mutilus

A Smooth Goosefish purchased at a fish shop in Campsie, Sydney, New South Wales by B. Yau, September 2005. The fish was trawled from the Australian east coast.

Sally Reader
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Mark McGrouther - 8.08 AM, 13 August 2010

Thanks Jen.  With well over 1.5 million specimens, the fish collection is pretty big.  On world terms however it is a medium sized ichthyology collection.  That of the US National Museum in Washington D.C. is the largest, with about 4 million specimens.  I do agree with you however,  it is a pretty cool experience.

Jen Cork - 11.08 AM, 12 August 2010

This is something else!!

I got to see this fish first hand on a BTS tour. Such a great experience, I had no idea the collection was so extensive.

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