Image: Slender Snake Blenny and Clark's Snake Blenny

Slender Snake Blenny and Clark's Snake Blenny

Slender Snake Blenny, Sticharium dorsale, (top) and three specimens of Clark's Snake Blenny, Sticharium clarkae, collected at Colliers Beach, Mollymook, New South Wales, 10 March 2010. The top fish is 46 mm long.

Mark McGrouther
© Australian Museum


The Slender Snake Blenny can be recognised by the cream-coloured stripe along the 'back' of the fish, from the eye to the end of the dorsal fin and the fine, dark lines on the sides of the body.

Clark's Snake Blenny has a fleshy flap on the front of the lower jaw that projects forward beyond the upper jaw.

The specimens are registered in the Australian Museum Ichthyology Collection as AMS I.45025-035 and I.45025-033 respectively.


Gomon, M.F., Bray, D. & R.H. Kuiter (Eds). 2008. The Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast. Reed New Holland. Pp. 928.

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