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Simon Dakin

Simon Dakin diving.

S. Newson
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By April 2001, when I got my open water SCUBA certificate I was wildly addicted to diving. Less than 2 1/2 years later I'd logged 320 dives.

My diving was hugely enriched by joining the Underwater Research Group of New South Wales. With the URGNSW I've had the opportunity to explore all corners of Sydney waters and get involved with censuses into Grey Nurse and Port Jackson Sharks, seahorse monitoring, the spread of toxic seaweed. I have also meet as nice a bunch of people as you could find anywhere.

I bought a Sony DSC-P5 digital camera and marine housing, then started sending images to Mark McGrouther at the Australian Museum. Now back in blighty, some day I hope to see my 4th species of UK fish!

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