Image: Silverside Weedfish, Cristiceps argyropleura

Silverside Weedfish, Cristiceps argyropleura

A Silverside Weedfish at a depth of 3 m, Parsley Bay, Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, 13 Nov 2010.

Richard Vevers
© Underwater Sydney


The species has a triangular first dorsal fin that is attached to the second dorsal fin by a membrane. The first dorsal fin spine is positioned above the eye, not distinctly in front of it on the snout.

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Tags fishes, ichthyology, Cristiceps argyropleura, Silverside Weedfish, Clindidae, brown, odd-shaped, 10 cm - 30 cm, dots/spots, soft substrate (sand), marine, large triangular first dorsal fin,