Image: Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #5

Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #5

Supporter in Wellington, in the garden of Mr Tripp.
The Japanese expedition stopped in Wellington New Zealand for a few days in February 1911 to reload their ship with coal, water and supplies to equip the journey south. The senior members were taken for a drive in the motorcar of Mr Young, the Japanese Consul, and they may have visited this garden on the way.


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There was more than one Mr Tripp living in Wellington at the time, and also in Waverley, Sydney. One of these was Bernard Tripp, a Wellington-based grazier, who visited Sydney in 1911. Japan was already at this time a key market for Australia and New Zealand’s wool exports.
[The Japanese South Polar expedition 1910-12. A Record of Antarctica. Compiled and Edited by Shirase Antarctic Expedition Supporter’s Association. Translated into English by Lara Dagnell and Hilary Shibata, The Erskine Press and Bluntisham Books 2011, p66]


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