Image: Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #4

Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #4

Female visitors in rowboat.
The Japanese Antarctic expedition was a source of local interest and excitement when they visited Wellington and Sydney Harbours in 1911 and 1912.

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On their arrival in Sydney “The little schooner was visited by a good number of people and the Japanese allowed all comers to board the vessel and wander around.” [Daily Telegraph 3 May 1911]
Members recalled in their journals welcoming many who had rowed out to see them on board the Kainan-maru, and whenever they set sail again dozens of boats would appear to wave them farewell.
[The Japanese South Polar expedition 1910-12. A Record of Antarctica. Compiled and Edited by Shirase Antarctic Expedition Supporter’s Association. Translated into English by Lara Dagnell and Hilary Shibata, The Erskine Press and Bluntisham Books 2011, pp69, 92-95, 297]

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