Image: Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #12

Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #12

Members of the expedition with guest at hut entrance.
The man seated in the hut doorway next to Nobu Shirase, is unknown, but it was reported that many official visitors and others were guests at the temporary ‘home’ of the Japanese expedition, a prefabricated timber hut originally intended for use in Antarctica but assembled in Parsley Bay reserve.

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A newspaper report described the scene:
“The camp is picturesquely set at the foot of a hill, and the flag of the Rising Sun is flying from a tree. A rough weatherboard house has been built, and there are half a dozen tents around it. On the door of the house is written “ No admission except by order”: but there is a little tea tree enclosure close by, with table and seats, where visitors are received and entertained, always being provided with some Japanese tea and sugar-coated peanuts.” [SMH 10 November 1911]

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