Image: Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #11

Shirase expedition, Sydney, 1911 #11

Supporters in Wellington, New Zealand.
The Japanese expedition stopped in Wellington New Zealand for a few days in February 1911 to reload their ship with coal, water and supplies to equip the journey south. During this time they were visited on board by members of the press, officials from the Harbour Board, Japanese Consulate staff, and a group of local students.

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This photo was taken on their return visit in March 1912, after the second more successful Antarctic voyage. A group of ladies came on board to welcome the explorers back, and were very impressed with their achievements in the relatively small Kainan-maru, and that they had met Amundsen’s ship Fram in Antarctica. Seated amongst the ladies is the ship’s Captain Naokichi Nomura.
[The Japanese South Polar expedition 1910-12. A Record of Antarctica. Compiled and Edited by Shirase Antarctic Expedition Supporter’s Association. Translated into English by Lara Dagnell and Hilary Shibata, The Erskine press and Bluntisham Books 2011, pp69, 297]


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