Image: Shirase expedition autograph album #17

Shirase expedition autograph album #17

Pages 152 and 153 from Dot Miller's autograph book, 1911.

Loaned to the Australian Museum by Dot Miller's descendants.

© Dot Miller


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Likely that the English is a translation of the Japanese.

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Vanessa Finney - 5.12 PM, 13 December 2011

Do we know if your grandmother followed the story of the expedition? A newscutting scrapbook perhaps? I guess it will have to remain in the realm of speculation and family legend.

robowood - 10.11 AM, 20 November 2011
"Let me meet you once more! O' dear friend by the strange shore!" - The farewell message to my great-grandmother from Captain Nomura on 19 November, 1911, the day the Kainan Maru sailed from Sydney Harbour to return to the Antarctic.

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