Image: Shark Hook E9990A

Shark Hook E9990A

Shark hook (kaneati) and line. The hook is made from the branch of a Tomano tree and was hardened by fire. The wood, sap and fruit oil of the Tomano tree had many uses in traditional Banaban culture. The line is made of Cocos palm fibre. Fish bait was tied to the longer limb and the shark was lured by a bunch of cowries or pieces of clam shell attached to another line. The hook floated above the longer limb. At the time of collection shark fishing had became rare and such hooks were used at homes for hanging food. 

Shark hook and line from Banaba, Republic of Kiribati, collected by Messrs Frederick Danvers Power and A E Stephens and donated to the Australian Museum by the Pacific Islands Company in 1901.

Finton Mahony
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