Image: Shang Yin (Vanson) Liu

Shang Yin (Vanson) Liu

Vanson Liu at the Australian Museum, 28 November 2010.

Mark McGrouther
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Vanson has a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University.

He is working for two months in the Fish Section in close association with Jeff Leis, from whom he is learning about larval fishes. He began full-time work at the Australian Museum on 22 November 2010.

Vanson stated that his "research interests and experience are centered on the evolution, phylogeography, species boundaries and population connectivity of coral reef fishes. I frequently try to combine multiple methods (molecular tools and otolith chemistry) to reveal reef connectivity. Also, I applied molecular tools to test hypotheses, both biogeographic (barriers and historical events) and taxonomic (color morphs and cryptic species). Current research projects include comparative phylogeography of the Pomacentrus coelestis complex (Neon Damsel and related species), species boundaries of the Apogon properuptus complex (Coral Cardinalfish and related species) and the connectivity pattern of the Barramundi Cod, Chromileptes altivelis, in Penghu Island, Taiwan.

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