Image: Sea Hare

Sea Hare

Sea Hare

Brian G. Marley
© Brian G. Marley
Lake Conjola, NSW
Date taken:
10 January 2007


This unusual looking animal is a marine invertebrate commonly known as a Sea hare or sea slug. When they are active they exhibt two ear like apendages on their head- hence name sea hare. They feed on seaweeds and other algae and are often found in rock pools and shallow marine or brackish environments.They are eaten by a range of fish and can squirt purple ink/dye as a defence mechanism.The hole you can see in this image acts a siphon for moving water into the mantle cavity.

There are several sea hare species in the Sydney region. Sometimes reaching 20 cm, these large sea slugs may be difficult to spot at first as they are well camouflaged.



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