Image: Scorpion flies paired - George Hardy

Scorpion flies paired - George Hardy

Scorpion flies are long-legged insects with two pairs of membranous wings. The male's abdomen is sometimes curled over like that of a scorpion. When mating, the male offers the female her favourite food: a dead insect.

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George Hardy
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Ondine Evans - 2.09 PM, 23 September 2009
Yes, you are right, lizardguy! Crane flies are 'true' flies (Order Diptera), with only one pair of wings, while scorpion flies belong to a different insect group (Order Mecoptera). Here is a link to CSIRO Entomology's page on Scorpion flies: We will change the title of this page and the accompanying information accordingly.
lizardguy - 4.09 PM, 22 September 2009
Err.. aren't these Crane flies? They only have one pair of wings each which are held perpendicular to their bodies. Scorpion flies have two pairs of wings and they are folded along the body..

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