Image: Scaly Mackerel, Sardinella lemuru

Scaly Mackerel, Sardinella lemuru

Scaly Mackerel from Sydney Fish Market. The fish were brought to the Australian Museum for identification by Lucas Woolford on 17 June 2010.  The specimens are now registered in the Ichthyology Collection (AMS I.45535-001).

Amanda Hay
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The Scaly Mackerel is an inshore, schooling, pelagic species. It occurs in the east-Indo-Pacific region. In Australia it is known from Western Australian waters.

The species can be separated from other Sardinella by having 9 pelvic fin rays, the first ray being unbranched and the remaining 8 branched.  All other Sardinella have 8 pelvic rays, with 1 unbranched and 7 branched. S. lemuru has a distinct spot at posterior border of gill cover.


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