Image: Sargassum Anglerfish at Manado

Sargassum Anglerfish at Manado

A Sargassum Anglerfish at the surface, La Rascasse Resort house reef, Manado, Indonesia, September 2009.

William Tan
© William Tan

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Lynda Kelly - 7.10 AM, 11 October 2009
Thanks for this Mark. I think your Fishes site is amazing and I've copied lots of how yuo approached it when designing my own site. Just have to get on top of adding more images and I'll be even more satisfied! Take care.
Mark McGrouther - 8.10 AM, 09 October 2009
Hi Lynda, This species often 'hangs around' the surface near floating algal mats against which it is camouflaged. The fish can also 'leap' out of the water onto the floating algae to avoid predators. Of course I can't enter the mind of a Sargassum Anglerfish predator (such as Mahi Mahi, tuna and some sharks), but my suspicion is that the reflection is just a very aesthetic outcome of the fish's location and calm water conditions rather than a active predator avoidance strategy. If anyone has seen this behaviour in other places or species, I'd be very interested to hear about it.
Lynda Kelly - 11.10 AM, 08 October 2009
What an amazing image William. It looks like this fish has two heasd! Would that be a way of fooling predators do you think?

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