Image: Red Triangle Slug #1

Red Triangle Slug #1

The Red Triangle Slug is Australia's largest native land slug. The distinctive red triangle on its back contains the breathing pore.

Brent Herrick
© Brent Herrick
Date taken:
15 February 2005


The body colour of these slugs is highly variable and may range from grey to green, cream, yellow, orange, red or pink. This background colour is usually overlain with a brilliant red, orange or pink border lining the triangular mantle, the foot edge and sometimes running down the midline of the body. Juveniles exhibit very different colouration and patterns to adults, generally lacking the red edge and triangle, instead having 3 prominent longitudinal black strips down the body.

The reason for the bright colouring on this animal is presumably employed as a warning to predators (the Blue-tongue lizard and other mollusc eating animals) that it is unpleasant to taste or poisonous. The flat shape of this slug would also make it difficult for its predators to pick up off the rocks or trees.


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