Image: Red Gurnard from Botany Bay

Red Gurnard from Botany Bay

A Red Gurnard caught on hook and line by Steve Wozniak, at a depth of 8 m, Botany Bay, New South Wales, 23 August 2003.

Steve Wozniak
© Steve Wozniak

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Mark McGrouther - 2.09 PM, 04 September 2009
Hi Teilo, I agree with you. Many of the gurnards have brightly coloured pectoral fins, but like you, I think that those of the Red Gurnard are stunning. It's not just the gurnards, however, that have markings on the inside of the pectoral fins. If you are interested, have a look at the page on the Demon Stingerfish.
teilo - 11.09 AM, 04 September 2009
What a beautiful fish! I love all the different colours.

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